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eQuality - Pathways to Potential was founded in 1998 by three individuals with over sixty years experience in non-profit services to the developmentally disabled. Funding is provided through a purchase of services contract with Hennepin County and the program is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. The organization presents an alternative approach to day services by being totally community based. There is no “home” facility and all activities are based in businesses and community centers. Key relationships have been established with local community centers such as the Maple Grove Community Center and the Plymouth Creek Center.  The first participant/associate joined in 1999 and the current enrollment is over one hundred. There are over 20 permanent staff members.

Mission & Values

eQuality - Pathways to Potential challenges individuals with developmental disabilities to maximize their potential and actively participate in life’s opportunities by delivering community based, individualized programs.



We will recognize, celebrate, and respect the uniqueness of inviduals and provide them opportunities and experiences tailored to their specific needs and aspirations.



We continually challenge individuals with developmental disabilities as well as the community in an effort to provide the broadest range of experiences possible.



Quality will always be the standard in providing programs and services on hehalf of individuals we serve.



eQuality facilitates independent decision making by helping individuals understand the rewards and consequences of their choices.



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