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Admission Policy

Admission Policy

eQuality, Pathways to Potential is committed to providing services to adults with developmental disabilities in an individual, holistic and cooperative manner.  In the spirit of eQuality-Pathways to Potential’s mission, program associates and their team members are expected to participate as fully and enthusiastically as possible in all process and program opportunities.  



1. eQuality, Pathways to Potential will determine admission based upon the ability of the program to meet the needs of the individual, and help him or her live and work as valued, contributing self-determined members of the community.  Applicants for service are considered without regard to race, creed, color, or national origin, religion, physical handicap, sexual orientation, public assistance status, or marital status.  


2. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.


3. Applicants must be willing to participate in the interdisciplinary team and in the services requested.


4. Applicants must agree to meet attendance requirements.


Referral Process

1. The county case manager shall initiate the referral to eQuality and guide the process with the individual’s IDT.  The case manager will schedule a tour with EQuality staff, and will provide the following information:


   a.  Current ISP

   b.  Current psychological evaluation

   c.  Social history

   d.  Medical status

   e.  County application form

   f.   Current educational or vocational information

   g.  Residential information


2. In the event referrals are received where no opening exists, individuals will be placed on a waiting list.  The waiting list will be prioritized by host county.  As openings occur, referrals will be considered in order of referral date, with host county first.  Individuals further down the list may be considered with higher priority in emergency situations.


3. The program associate and his or her team will tour and interview eQuality and determine the appropriateness of service. Interview items should include a discussion of the individual’s wants and needs, eQuality expectations and  program offerings.  


4. If the applicant and his/her team, after visiting with program staff, wishes to move forward with the application process, the eQuality team will review the applicant and notify the county case manager of the team’s decision within 30 days of receipt of the referral.  If admission is denied, reasons for denial will be given along with potential alternative services.  The following criteria will be used to determine admission to eQuality:


   a.  Persons must be eligible for services in accordance with Minnesota Statutes, section 256b.092

   b.  Persons must be in need of active treatment

   c.  Determination to admit, or not to admit, an individual to EQuality will be based upon his/her needs, and eQuality’s ability to meet those needs.

   d.  eQuality will not refuse to admit a person eligible and in need of services solely on the basis of type of residential services a person is receiving,  the person’s severity of disability, orthopedic or neurological disabilities, sight or hearing impairments, lack of communication skills, physical disabilities, toilet habits, behavioral disorders, or past failure to make progress.  If an individual is refused, the program will demonstrate the decision is based upon the inability of EQuality to meet the individual’s needs through the current staff ratio, staff training, appropriate housing availability, or that the additional funds needed to pay for increased supports are unavailable.


5. After admission and prior to service initiation, an intake meeting will be scheduled with the case manager, the associate, and his or her IDT.  This group will begin the support planning process, including start date, transportation, medical information, vocational plan, associate fact sheet, and risk management plan.  Medication to be administered at EQuality must be provided along with doctors’ orders.  The following will be reviewed and receipt will be documented with a signature of the associate or their legal representative:


  a.  Release form

  b.  Associate rights

  c.  Privacy Rights Notice

  d.  Grievance procedure

  e. Summary of VA law

  f.   Program abuse prevention plan


6. A 45-day review will be scheduled, for review of appropriateness of placement by IDT.