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By eQuality, May 11 2017 04:09PM

Carol & Krista

Carol is the Mother of two young women, Lisa and Krista. Carol works for the University of Minnesota and Krista works with eQuality for Lifetime Fitness in the Target Center! These two are quite the pair as they both enjoy the same things in life “Krista and I love to go to the theatre - she loves musicals. We enjoy traveling together whenever we can. Krista loves sporting events; Gophers, Lynx, Twins, Special Olympics she loves it all. We also enjoy walking and simply just being in each other's company.” When asked Carol to describe their relationship, Carol stated “Krista and I have a close relationship. We talk on the phone every day. She shares with me the joys and frustrations that she may have experienced that day. Most days it is the sheer joy of living that she shares. I always feel happy after having a conversation with her. She has this amazing ability to help me feel better about life always!” Being the Mother of a special needs child can bring some challenges into a new Mother’s life. We asked Carol how she feels being Krista’s Mom has changed her as a person “I have learned patience and kindness from Krista. She continually inspires me to strive to improve. She has given me the motto: Tell me something that can't be done and I will show you a way to make it happen.” Carol said that if she could go back and give her younger self one piece of advice about having a child with special needs, it would be “I would tell myself not to sweat the small stuff, because it is all small stuff.” Carol feels that there are many rewards to being called Mom but the greatest reward is that she has the opportunity to watch Krista grow into a beautiful young woman who continues to amaze her every single day. These two are a wonderful duo who show the world that you can be a parent and a friend.

Pictured below is a photo of Carol and Krista after they won the costume contest at the Foodie4Mile in 2016.

Happy Mother’s Day Carol!

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